Guru Nanak Dev University
Regional Campus, Fattu Dhinga ( Sultanpur Lodhi)
Vision & Mission

His Thoughts Break Barriers
His Words Built Bonds.
His Actions Changed The Future

Our Vision

► Keeping linkage and partnership with user-system.
► Giving students an oppurtunity to create ability for employment, for understanding society and for self development.
Our Mission

► Offering Wide range of educational programmes and activities in a single campus service.
► Our mission is to provide motivated skilled, intellectual and competent manpower catering to needs of industry.
► To provide healthy education climate.
► Utilize resources optimally.
► Develop globally competent and competitive students, compatible with the needs of changing society.
Our Objectives

► Providing quality student -centered education and equal opportunities to all.
► Providing academic environment to facilitate better teaching-learning process.
► Providing opportunities for development of personal and professional quality of students and staff.
► Providing better climate for healthy organization.
► Fostering innovative and creative education leadership.
► Interacting with stakeholders for better quality education and satisfying them.